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Images from Frank: The Voice

Here are some of the images of Frank that can be found in the book. All images are used with permission and may not be reproduced.

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James on Charlie Rose

In connection with Frank: The Voice, James Kaplan, who has been a guest on NPR's Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, MSNBC's Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, and Inside Edition, as well as Soundcheck with John Schaefer, Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, Dennis Miller Radio, and numerous other syndicated shows, appeared on Charlie Rose on February 18th, 2011:

James on the B’nai B’rith International Podcast

In his newly published book Irving Berlin: New York Genius, distinguished biographer and journalist James Kaplan tackles the complex relationship between Irving Berlin and the city of New York. In this podcast episode, B’nai B’rith International CEO and host Daniel S. Mariaschin and Kaplan discuss Kaplan’s book as well as the legacy of Irving Berlin.

James on the Jewish Lives Podcast

Yale University Press’s Jewish Lives Podcast dedicated its November 18th episode to James’s Irving Berlin: New York Genius:

Irving Berlin has been called—by George Gershwin, among others—the greatest songwriter of the golden age of American popular song.

James Kaplan, author of the Jewish Lives biography Irving Berlin: New York Genius, underscores Berlin’s unique brilliance as a composer, his witty, wily, and tough Jewish immigrant experience, and his continued relevance in American popular culture today.

James on Irving Berlin on NPR

James discussed Irving Berlin: New York Genius on From the Bookshelf with Gary Shapiro on November 18th.

James on Berlin at the Detroit Jewish Book Fair

James discussed his new biography of Irving Berlin at the 67th annual Detroit Jewish Book Fair on November 9th, 2019. Irving Berlin was published by Yale University Press on November 5th.


Irving Berlin: New Book

James Kaplan’s Irving Berlin was published November 5th.


“James Kaplan’s Irving Berlin is just like its subject: taut, vibrant, and thrumming with the irresistible words and music of America’s songwriter laureate.  It’s by turns a buoyant and poignant trip across the tumultuous 20th century, through the eyes of an artist who helped define its popular taste. Kaplan reclaims the proud Jewish identity of the patriotic immigrant who knew that his country was blessed, because he had been.” Todd S. Purdum, author of Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution

Irving Berlin


Raves for Sinatra: The Chairman

“Remarkably insightful…. An alternately triumphant and tragic account of… a life that, as Kaplan concludes, ‘touched almost every aspect of American culture in the twentieth century.’ That’s a big statement, but this big book makes us believe it.” — Bill Ott, Booklist [starred review]

“Riveting…. An appropriately big book for an oversized artistic presence.” — Kirkus Reviews [starred]

“The great singer-actor contains multitudes in this vast, engrossing biography…. Kaplan delves with gusto into Sinatra’s seething contradictions.” — Publishers Weekly [starred]

“This is a great book, make no mistake.” — Craig Fitzgerald, Vermicious

“Hugely compelling… wildly readable… stunningly researched.” — Jeff Simon, Buffalo News

“Fifty pages from the end of Sinatra: The Chairman, the second and concluding volume of James Kaplan’s magisterial biography of Frank Sinatra, I guarantee you’ll begin to weep. Not because you’ve finished a 900-plus-page book (though you will feel relief), or because Kaplan so persistently details the ugly truth about Sinatra…. No, you will weep over the death of a massive and unforgettable talent whose style of living helped define post-war America, and you will weep of an America that no longer exists, whether you lived during those years or just yearn for their return.” — Sibbie O’Sullivan, The Washington Post

“This year marks Sinatra’s centennial, a celebration replete with musical, film, television, and museum tributes. And, of course, books–of which the crowning glory is surely… Sinatra: The Chairman… a riveting read… juicy, painstakingly researched, excitingly written.” Julia M. Klein, The Boston Globe

“Endlessly engaging…. [Kaplan’s] Sinatra is a magnificent monster…. The music is central… as it should be.” — Edward Kosner, The Wall Street Journal

“Written with… brilliant passion and understanding…. James Kaplan’s two volume set is the definitive word on Frank Sinatra, as definitive as any biography of any public figure can be. It’s jammed with something juicy on almost every page. It has been written with integrity and affection. It neither sugar coats or demonizes.” Liz Smith, New York Social Diary 

“Hugely readable, vastly entertaining, a page turner….”  Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

Sinatra: The Chairman

James talks with Alex Gibney about HBO Sinatra doc

James and Alex Gibney discuss Gibney’s 2-part HBO Sinatra documentary in a podcast moderated by Billboard senior editor Frank DiGiacomo:

Frank Sinatra
James Kaplan

James on Frank and Billie, BBC2

Jamie Cullum, Ian Parkinson, and James talk about Billie Holiday’s lasting influence on Frank:

James Kaplan

Frank Delaney interviews James about FRANK: THE VOICE and SINATRA: THE CHAIRMAN

The eminent Irish novelist, journalist, and broadcaster Frank Delaney interviews James about Frank: The Voice and Sinatra: The Chairman.

Frank Sinatra

Derek at the beginning: Kaplan on Jeter, New York Magazine, April 7, 1997

Kaplan on Jeter, New York Magazine, April 7, 1997

James Kaplan

SINATRA: THE CHAIRMAN published by Doubleday on October 27th, 2015

Sinatra: The Chairman

My Oscars memoir in Byliner….

My Oscars memoir in Byliner:

My Oscars

James Kaplan has been writing noted biography, journalism, and fiction for more than four decades. The author of Frank: The Voice, the definitive two-volume biography of Frank Sinatra, he has written more than one hundred major profiles of figures ranging from Miles Davis to Meryl Streep, from Arthur Miller to Larry David.

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