Sinatra: The Chairman


Doubleday published SINATRA: THE CHAIRMAN, the second and final volume of James Kaplan’s definitive biography of Frank Sinatra, on October 27, 2015.

“Remarkably insightful…. An alternately triumphant and tragic account of… a life that, as Kaplan concludes, ‘touched almost every aspect of American culture in the twentieth century.’ That’s a big statement, but this big book makes us believe it.” — Bill Ott, Booklist [starred review]

“Riveting…. An appropriately big book for an oversized artistic presence.” — Kirkus Reviews [starred]

“The great singer-actor contains multitudes in this vast, engrossing biography…. Kaplan delves with gusto into Sinatra’s seething contradictions.” — Publishers Weekly [starred]

“This is a great book, make no mistake.” — Craig Fitzgerald, Vermicious

“Hugely compelling… wildly readable… stunningly researched.” — Jeff Simon, Buffalo News

“Magisterial…. I guarantee… you will weep…. Stick with it because you’ll learn a lot.” — Sibbie O’Sullivan, The Washington Post

“Endlessly engaging…. [Kaplan’s] Sinatra is a magnificent monster…. The music is central… as it should be.” — Edward Kosner, The Wall Street Journal

“This year marks Sinatra’s centennial, a celebration replete with musical, film, television, and museum tributes. And, of course, books–of which the crowning glory is surely… Sinatra: The Chairman… a riveting read… juicy, painstakingly researched, excitingly written.” – Julia M. Klein, The Boston Globe.

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